I am fascinated by the politics of human experience. My work is driven by personal inquiries into social behavior and psychological space. Using a variety of mediums, “life” and its many definitions are the primary content of the work. Life can also be the form.  My work is never confined by materials or media; some media will work for me and some will work against me.  I love the push-and-pull relationship that is built with various tools and materials during the creative process. I believe that this “battle” allows my work to evolve beyond my original concept and function on multiple layers, both metaphorically and physically. The more patience and persistence I have within the battle allows for something greater and more profound from the work than its initial  conceptual origin.  The execution and manifestation of the work is framed in a way that redefines the experience and how it is perceived. I do this in attempt to make the personal, political.


In an effort to keep my creative process pure of preconceived or misperceived ideas of what defines “art,” I wash myself mentally of placing labels on my activities.  This allows for greater experimentation.  I am not bound by the contemporary definition of art nor do I think everything I do as creative expression is art.  At times, I can only define a finished work as “weak” or “failed” and there is no checkbox for these results. I never have a fixed plan and I am content on never arriving at an end goal. The process is immortal.


Context and the way work is presented is just as significant as the finished work itself.  I take seriously how context can shift the way my work is experienced.  My intentions are never altered or bastardized for the simple purpose of exposure or having my work seen by a larger audience.  I am very particular to where and how my work is exhibited.  One question I ask myself is where the work can function best to impact an audience and provoke dialogue.  A video could be screened at a theatre to a collective seated audience (who have made a conscious choice to be there) or projected on a window at night witnessed by a passerby’s that come across it by chance.  Intentionality determines which context functions better.  I subscribe to a philosophy that these decisions are just as valuable as the work itself.


I strive for my work to have relevance and resonate beyond borders.  I do not hold fast to the results, positive or negative, but allow them to help me understand how specific audiences are affected or provoked for future works.  The more I work the less I think I know.  The less I think I know, the more I want to work to figure out mysteries I will never get answers to.  I am fueled by the confusion of life, and I continue to try and make sense of it through visual means.  I am in love with the process and the battle of life and its representation.