Relations (HavaNA, Cuba)

Single-Channel Video Performance (on a loop)


Seth Myers’ politically-charged performance piece Relations was created in Havana, Cuba where Myers participated in a cross-cultural artist residency. Exploring all possibilities, Myers collaborated with Cuba artist Ariel Orosco to produce the two-minute work.


Throughout the entire video, Orosco stands on Myers’ shoulders with a noose around his neck, which is attached to a tree overhead. The precarious nature of the situation draws the viewer into the drama of the scene, wondering how it will end. Ultimately, the viewer is left in suspense and questions motive, as the ending divulges no final answer, yet underscores the significance of Orosco and Myers’ connection with one another.


This piece has exhibited at venues including the Headlands Center for the Arts, San Jose Institute of Contemporary art, and has received press in Art Nexus and Artist Magazine, Taiwan.